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Robert Wilson Consulting and Wilson Global Outreach Solutions


Robert has worked in the field of mental health, leadership, and organizational development for 20 + years. He has been instrumental in providing literacy and educational training solutions to address the needs for a variety of individuals, agencies, communities, organizations, and systems. He has vast experience with facilitating and implementing the practice, process, policy, and systemic change on numerous levels. His background is very rich and diverse which allows him to effectively work and connect with a variety of groups and organizations. Also, his training, wellness focus (8 dimensions of wellness), coaching, and consulting expertise allows for a unique and rewarding learning experience. These educational training opportunities are provided with excellence and empowerment to his audience. Training is designed to facilitate change, development, transition, growth, and transformation.

Robert’s unique critical thinking skills to problem solve and strengthen organizations makes him a commodity to all. As a gifted teacher, leader, and motivator Robert’s ability to coach and develop others is impeccable. He is a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor for the adult and youth curriculum, as well as, a national trainer coaching and training instructors. Robert is a highly sought-after consultant, coach, speaker, and trainer.